Wardrobe Design Style – Could colour coding your wardrobe work for you?

Feeling bored with your wardrobe design, can’t find what you are looking for? Try colour coding your wardrobes layout with these 6 easy steps.

Everyone has their own way of organising their wardrobes hanging space and there really is no “right” way to do it. You might spend hours watching Marie Kondo, holding each item to see if it “spark’s joy” or maybe your style is watching an episode of Hoarders to give you your motivation? Maybe you group items by type together – all the dresses together, all the shirts, all the pants etc.. or maybe you group by their purpose, For example: work wear, casual outfits or evening wear?

Whatever your method I bet there are still times when you simply can’t find that little black skirt you are after, and you have to go for the second-best option … frustrating right! My new method is to group simply by colour. Not only is it exceptionally easy to find what I want but it’s also visually beautiful to walk into our custom walk-in wardrobe and see my clothes in a rainbow.

Step 1: Start with a clean slate

A custom wardrobe built to your specifications is the best place to start with the perfect colour coded clothing plan. Designed with your space and needs in mind. The first step is talking to Sydney Wardrobes about your wardrobe design needs. We work to any budget and requirement.

Step 2: Neutral hangers – All the same type

Make sure your hangers are all the same so that your clothes are the focus of the space. Whatever you choose, white, beige or black your look will be consistent and streamlined. Velvet slimline hangers are great in your wardrobe as their soft texture keeps your clothes securely in place. We don’t recommend plastic hangers as they look clunky and your clothes can easily slide off them.

Step 3: Decided on your colour system

Next up work out what colour system you like the most – there are few to choose from.


Next up work out what colour system you like the most – there are few to choose from.

Dark to Light

Perhaps a dark to light system is more your style. This method separates by tone – dark on the left, light on the right.

Prioritise your favourite colours

Or perhaps you have a favourite colour palette you like to wear – Perhaps you wear a lot of black clothes. Make that your most accessible colour and put that at the front. Then go from there to your least favourite or owned colour. Most people choose only a few colours to wear so it’s quite normal to see your dominant clothes colour.

Step 4: How to sort Patterns

There’s two ways you can sort patterns – either place them with the dominate colour in the pattern group – for example a dress with pink, yellow and green might go in the pink section as that’s the most dominate colour. Or you could place all the patterned items together at the end of the section.

Step 5: Group types within the colour group

Once you have decided which method you are using in each colour section – group by type – for example all the pink dresses, then the pink shirts, then pink trousers.

Step 6: Step back and admire your new wardrobe

Take a moment to enjoy how much more time you have with your new look design. If you have a custom wardrobe or a walk-in wardrobe you may also have built in drawers. You can apply the same colour sorting method here for great results too.

Now you can head to your well organised wardrobe and instantly retrieve exactly what you when you want. Not only will your wardrobe look more fun and beautiful, but your timesaving will make your routine seamless

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