Hinged Door Wardrobes

built in fitted wardrobes

Designed with functionality, simplicity and elegance, our dynamic range of hinged door wardrobes are made to suit both traditional and modern decors.

Whilst hinged door wardrobes may not be a suitable option due to a lack of available space, hinged doors wardrobes enable one to access the entire wardrobe at any one time.

Offering an aesthetically pleasing design solution, at the Sydney Wardrobe Company our hinges are hidden within the inside of the wardrobe structure to ensure that the exterior of the wardrobe presents a clean finish. Whilst we offer a diverse range of door handles and knobs, our unique manufacturing and installation techniques allow the doors to open and close by either adopting a “push to open” system or even routered handles at the front of the doors where possible.

Utilising only the finest of hinges ensure that’s each and every motion of our hinged doors are elegant, silent and effortless.

Our range of hinged door wardrobes are designed to suit any decor. Get your free custom design consultation.