Sliding Door Wardrobes

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Experience the difference with sliding door wardrobes by adopting a design solution which is simple yet versatile while providing a space saving solution by using a “V” track – anti jump – system to open and close your wardrobe doors.

Sliding door wardrobes can be offered using a variety of materials and finishes in order to complement the décor of the room.

Providing a smart and efficient design solution which can be incorporated in to both large and small spaces, sliding doors can also be incorporated into other forms of cabinets and types of furniture.

Incorporating a high-quality ball bearing roller system that are fitted to each door, our doors safely and effortlessly slide smoothly and gently across our easy to clean – strong aluminium frames each and every time.

Benefits of implementing sliding doors to your wardrobe include:

  • The ability to customise and style them to compliment the room it is in
  • There is an array of materials to choose from for your sliding doors. You can choose to have mirrored sliding doors which can help make your room look bigger
  • You don’t have the hassle of having to account room for opening and closing doors, meaning you have more space to utilise in your room.
  • Not having doors to open means you save space and can create innovative and functional storage spaces and solutions.
  • Easy to maintain and use and are highly accessible.
  • They provide a modern look to any room.

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