Routered Doors

built in fitted wardrobes

Here at Sydney Wardrobe Company we design and manufacture your doors to order. Which means all our doors are custom made and unique to you!

The standard wardrobe door thickness is 18mm. If you are looking for something more solid, we can also offer our doors in 25mm thickness. The thicker doors will feel more solid and when done in sliding configuration it will reduce the gaps between doors.

Our routered doors can come in sliding or hinged. They can be finished with acrylic paint or polyurethane with any color off the Dulux color chart. They can also be provided RAW or undercoat only, this is great if you are renovating or building and want them to match exactly with the rest of the house.

Someone from our team can work closely with to get the right design for your doors.

We have the latest designs to suit your style. Get your free custom design consultation.