5 Tips to Help You Find the Right Wardrobe Door

Wardrobe doors are an important element of your room.

Since you’ll have them permanently fixed in your space, you must ensure the wardrobe design you select is both functional and timeless. Moreover, your design should rightly complement (or even enhance) the decor of your room, giving it a more sleek and elegant look.

When you are looking to design a new wardrobe, the process starts with choosing the right wardrobe doors. There are many door options available, each with promising potential to make or mar the aesthetics of your room. And with a wide variety of choices available, it often becomes daunting to find the best-fit wardrobe doors that you’d like for today and years to come.

Well, to avoid making a hasty and regrettable decision, you must carefully choose the design, texture, colour, and functionality of your wardrobe design.
Today, we have prepared this article to give you tips to identify the most suitable wardrobe door, ideal for your room’s style and decor. So, let’s get started.

Think about the Style and Design of Your Space

One of the most significant things to look at before selecting a wardrobe door is the overall design of your room. Your wardrobe door can be a statement piece that reflects your personal style. There are many different finishes and colours available, from classic white to bold colours and patterns.

Take the time to explore different options to find a door that complements your existing decor. With the many wardrobe doors in Sydney, take time to look, feel them, and even get professional advice before selecting the right one!

What Purpose Does the Door Serve?

To some extent, wardrobes are meant for aesthetics; however, they have better purposes beyond this! For instance, they will help keep your clothes dust-free and clean and protect them from strong UV rays to prevent them from bleaching.

Also, doors help make the room look neater by hiding the mess in the closet. For this reason, selecting a door that’s easy to close and open, protects your items, and looks elegant in the room will be important.

Consider Your Space Size and Layout

Before you choose a wardrobe door, it’s imperative to consider the size and layout of your room. Sliding wardrobe doors are an excellent option for smaller rooms as they don’t take up extra space when opened. Hinged wardrobe doors are a more traditional option that can work well in larger rooms.

Select Your Ideal Wardrobe Door

As aforesaid, wardrobe doors come in different kinds and styles. Now that you’ve determined your style, the purpose you want the door to serve, and the space size, you can choose the perfect option. Among them, you can get sliding, hinged, and bi-fold doors.

If you have a smaller space, go for sliding doors. On the other hand, if your room is spacious, we recommend bi-fold ones since you can fold them back if you want to create more space.

Hinged doors are the way to go for those looking to make the room look more traditional.
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Choose the Material and Colour for the Door

Once you know what kind of door to get, it’s time to select the most suitable material. Remember that this has a significant impact on how durable the wardrobe door will be and how it will make the room appear overall.

Some of the materials you can select from are mirrored, especially if you want to add extra light in the room, as well as timber and glass. Glass doors can make your space appear larger.

For the colours, you can select any as long as it complements the space theme and style.

Selecting the right wardrobe door is more challenging. It determines how your bedroom looks and how well it will serve you. We recommend working with a leading wardrobe company like Sydney Wardrobe to help you select the perfect one that fits your style and space. Our expert team serves residents of Sydney, Marrickville and nearby areas, helping them find the best wardrobe design and door for their unique needs and budgets. To learn more, visit our showroom today or fill out the form here to arrange a free consultation!

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