5 Smart Tips to Organise Your Wardrobe for Your COVID Lifestyle

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The pandemic has impacted every aspect of our lives – even the fashion world has not been spared. Lockdown affected the way we dressed and even our wardrobes took a 360-degree turn. Work wear was replaced with more comfortable leisure wear when we traded the office for working from home.

The daily struggle to find your favourite tee in your wardrobe has given rise to a new Covid related dilemma: the need to better organise our wardrobes.

Adapting to a new Covid fashion lifestyle means it’s time to give your built-in wardrobe a complete makeover. Wardrobes in Sydney are designed for versatility to suit your varying needs and help you keep up with changing times. Here are our top 5 tips to help you organise your wardrobes successfully:

1. Prioritising to the Rescue

We all know that the current situation is not likely to get better anytime soon and will take some time to normalise. Organising your wardrobes is one of the most rewarding ways to sort your clothing with ease.

While we’re spending more time at home, we’re not exactly reaching for our formal wear quite like we used to. Prioritising what you wear more regularly and arranging these clothes is an effective technique to keep your wardrobe organised. It can also help you save a lot of storage space. You’ll appreciate the benefit of being able to readily reach for your required outfits from easily accessible compartments – and saves mess too.

2. Consider Donating

When you transform your closet into a walk-in wardrobe, you need to eliminate the clothes that no longer fit or those that have had their time. By hanging only the clothes that you prefer to wear will help maintain order and efficiency.

You could choose to donate your unwanted clothes or, be creative and recycle them. Upcycling is a phenomenal way to ensure your clothes don’t end up in landfill

3. Laundry is Necessary

Staying in bed to enjoy a morning coffee while we’ve been in the grip of widespread restrictions has been an unconventional perk for some. So too has been working from home. But some would argue trading comfortable clothes for work wear doesn’t do much for your productivity levels.

While many of us can be excused for not wanting to don business attire to perform working from home duties, there’s no reprieve from putting on clean casual clothes. Sure, no one can judge us for our choice of clothes while we’re at home, but a clean outfit will give you vigour!

Doing regular laundry is essential. No one wants the odour of unlaundered clothes in the wardrobe, it will just ruin your space.

4. Don’t Clutter

A built-in wardrobes in Sydney makes organising your closet space a breeze. One way to achieve order in your wardrobe is to categorise your clothes. Loading your wardrobe with excessive amounts of clothes piled to the brim will only clutter your entire space. To avoid this, create a separate section for each of your different types of clothing you have: casual wear, formal wear, work wear etc.

5. Make Sure to Revisit

Organising your wardrobe is never a one-off task. It’s something you may have to revisit at least once a fortnight. In fact, making it a habit will ensure your wardrobe remains organised and coordinated. Revisiting your wardrobe regularly will also help remind you of the many clothing options you have available to you.

Though Covid-19 has dealt us many changes, maintaining a healthy lifestyle is still in our hands. An organised wardrobe will give you positive vibes and help you remain calm during the storm

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