Are Fitted Wardrobes Worth It?

Are Fitted Wardrobes Worth It

The secret to achieving a cosy and aesthetically pleasing bedroom lies in ensuring that everything is well put together. From clothes, shoes and bags to cosmetics and accessories, all should be stored and stacked neatly to enhance your space and create a relaxed vibe.

Speaking of bedroom organisation, most homeowners have a challenge when picking between traditional stand-alone and built-in fitted wardrobes. Are fitted wardrobes worth your money, as most people claim? That’s precisely what we are here to uncover. Keep reading!

Are Built-in Wardrobes Worth Your Money?

Before we dive into why stylish built-in wardrobes are worth your money, let’s first understand what they are and how they differ from traditional stand-alone wardrobes. Built-in wardrobes, also known as fitted wardrobes, are those that can be customised to fit into any bedroom space. No matter the size or shape of your bedroom, these wardrobes are designed to maximise space and blend seamlessly with the interior decor, providing an efficient and stylish way to keep everything organised. So, are they really worth the hype? Well, we believe yes, and here is why we claim so:

Built-in Wardrobes Make it Possible to Utilise Every Inch of Available Space

Got an awkwardly small bedroom that forces you to rummage when finding things? If yes, built-in fitted wardrobes offer the perfect solution.

Unlike traditional stand-alone wardrobes, which take up more space and leave you with free air, built-in wardrobes can be customised into a bespoke storage space that suits your needs. This also applies to bedrooms with awkward corners and sloped ceilings.

Wondering how built-in wardrobes maximise space? Well, these stylish wardrobes come in a variety of sizes. Thus, homeowners get to pick a size that works well with the available space.

Customizable features such as shelves, drawers, and hanging spaces are also a game changer when maximising space. They provide efficient storage, making your room feel larger and more open.
For anyone who wants to take a step further and save more space, use sliding wardrobe doors or hinged-fitted wardrobes with mirrors. This way, you will save the space needed when opening the doors and that required for a free-standing mirror.

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You Get Limitless Design Possibilities

Who said you have to settle for one-size-fits-all storage solutions? Get your creativity juices flowing and design a wardrobe that resonates with your specific needs. Do you have a couple of long, stylish dresses that you need to showcase? You can feature hanging rails with a long drop to help showcase your collection. How about expensive jewellery that needs to be stored safely? You can have your wardrobe builders install a safe compartment for you to store them. Your imagination is your only limit. Plus, let’s not forget to mention the exterior too.

You don’t have to settle with the common brownish wardrobe doors installed in traditional wardrobes. There is a wide variety of wardrobe door sizes. If you lean more towards contemporary designs, you can opt for handleless fitted custom wardrobes or sliding wardrobe doors. If you go for a traditional look, you can have a shaker-style fitted wardrobe with framed doors.

After designing the entire wardrobe, you can choose a finishing option that complements your bedroom decor. One great way of doing this is painting. For example, you can paint a pretty pale blue to match the woodwork in your bedroom or match it with the colour of your walls for a seamless blend.

 Simple Solution to Boost Property Value

Potential home buyers now prioritise space-efficient features like fitted wardrobes and multifunctional furniture. After all, who would want to own a bedroom with fewer storage solutions? That said, homes with built-in fitted wardrobes are in high demand, and potential home buyers are willing to pay more than the actual buying price just to get a hold of this luxury feature.

While fit-in wardrobes have higher upfront costs than traditional wardrobes, they are a long-term investment, especially if you plan to sell your home in the future. If you want a wardrobe that will increase your home value in the Australian real estate market, trust Sydney Wardrobe Company to provide you with a bespoke storage solution. We know which design styles and materials are highly sought after, so we can build you a fitted wardrobe that will bring you more returns in the future.

You Get a Bespoke Storage Crafted Using High-Quality and Durable Materials

Once you install built-in wardrobes in your home, you only have to worry about changing the finishing to give your room a fresh look and feel. Far from traditional stand-alone wardrobes, custom built-in wardrobes are made of high-quality materials designed to last up to 15 years. At Sydney Wardrobe Company, we use cabinetry of 18mm MFC with solid sides and premium laminates. This promises less maintenance and replacement, making our wardrobes a worthy investment.

Are you now convinced that built-in wardrobes are a worthy investment? If yes, don’t let your dull-looking bedroom snatch your peace of mind. Get in touch with Sydney Wardrobe Company and let our fitted wardrobe specialists know your storage and organisation aspirations. We are a leading wardrobe company in the Sydney Metropolitan area, known for delivering stylish and durable fitted wardrobes that empower homeowners to enjoy a well-organised and character-rich living space.

Visit our showroom to explore some of our best innovative designs or to discuss your dream wardrobe idea. We hope to see you soon!


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