How to create a heavenly Hamptons wardrobe in your home

It’s the irresistible design style taking home interiors by storm. And for good reason. The Hamptons look is sophisticated and oozes luxury. So why not bring the coveted contemporary style to the bedroom and Hampton-up your wardrobe design too?

Why is the Hamptons style so popular?

Firstly, what exactly is Hamptons style?

It’s defined as light and bright and beach inspired. It’s iconically simple and it’s wonderfully timeless.
And although the style hails from the Hamptons area of New York renowned for its carefree beach homes, Australians have embraced the look because it resonates with our relaxed approach to living.

Architects and designers have been harnessing the Hamptons style for home facades and interiors with great success. The good news? It’s easy to extend the quintessential Hamptons look to your wardrobe.

How to achieve the Hamptons look for your wardrobe

Be bold and add your own twist to the traditional Hamptons look. Shaker doors are beautiful as is but why not compliment yours with frosted glass inserts. Or a mirror panel?

Swap the traditional chrome hardware for nickel or go contemporary and choose matt black.

And why stick to one colour for your doors. Why not pair a warm neutral colour with coastal blue for layers of shades?

Channel the Hamptons style in your home

If you have an aspirational wardrobe idea but you’re not sure where to start, speak to our wardrobe design team. They can custom design a wardrobe to meet your brief, including bringing the Hamptons style to your wardrobes.

Contact Sydney Wardrobe or visit our showroom for the latest wardrobe designs.

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