Need a Refresh? Modernise Your Old Built-In Wardrobe

Need a refresh? Modernise your old built-in wardrobe

Built-in wardrobes are a significant investment for any Sydney resident who loves to maintain a clutter-free home. These functional storage units are strategically designed to help you neatly organise your clothes, shoes, accessories etc and serve you for years to come.

However, just like any other furniture, it eventually gets old and loses its appeal.

An outdated fitted wardrobe can hurt the aesthetics of your room and make it look dull and bleak. We’d hate that to happen to you, and thus, we’re here to share some practical tips that can be used to give your out-of-date wardrobe a stunning makeover. Here are five easy-to-follow, refreshing ideas to transform your dull-looking wardrobe into an elegant masterpiece – stick around to learn more!

5 Easy & Practical Tips to Modernise Old Built-in Wardrobes in Sydney

Replace Your Wardrobe Doors

Replacing wardrobe doors is the most exciting and visually appealing solution to update your built-in wardrobes in Sydney. You can check with a leading wardrobe company near you; they feature an impressive range of wardrobe doors that are customised to suit your specific design needs.

To achieve a notable refresh, you can use simple, flat panel doors in neutral colours to create a minimalistic and modern look. You can also consider experimenting with different styles like panelled doors or sliding doors, as these can also help you enhance the charm of your existing wardrobe space.

Paint Your Old Wardrobe to Enhance Its Visual Appeal

Painting is a great alternative if you don’t wish to get into the trouble of replacing your wardrobe doors. With a wide range of colours and finish options available, your imagination is the only limit.

Now, you want to ensure you go for a shade that complements and perfectly blends well with your bedroom’s colour scheme and style. Opt for grey, white and black shades for a simple chic appearance. You can also add patterns and textures to give your wardrobes Sydney a sleek finish. Moreover, if you are looking to create an elegant look with a touch of your personal style, using classic wallpapers and hand-painted designs of your choice will do the magic.

Painting your wardrobe doors shouldn’t be difficult if you have the necessary tools. However, wallpaper installations and hand-painted additions may require professional support – consult with a reputed wardrobe manufacturer in Sydney to make an informed choice.

Add Mirrors For a Contemporary Touch

Nothing could go wrong in installing beautifully designed mirrors on your built-in wardrobe in Western Sydney. They can transform a dull-looking space instantly and help create an illusion of a larger space. Moreover, adding mirrors to fitted wardrobes is both easy and cost-effective, thus a great way to spruce up your living area.

Now, to milk these benefits, you need to find the right size of mirrors and the perfect spot to fit them. You can have mirrors installed on your doors to add a dash of luxury and refinement to the room’s aesthetics. Alternatively, if you have enough light coming from the windows, you can get them fitted on the inside of your wardrobe – this will create an illusion of more space and make it easier for you to find items.

Important: If your built-in wardrobe in Sydney is made of melamine or chipboard cupboard doors, adding mirrors may not be a good idea. They won’t fit well as those materials are manufactured with a laminate coating.

Upgrade the Interiors

The interiors of your wardrobe need just as much loving care as the exteriors. After all, a disorganised wardrobe is always an ick.

To start off, install new pull-out drawers. These make an excellent fit for storing tees, shorts and undergarments. Next, consider installing new hanging rails to help showcase your elegant outfits. Hanging rails are also great for hard-to-fold clothes, which is a win-win if you have both.

If you don’t own a separate dressing table and a shoe rack, you will need dedicated organisers to help store your accessories like watches, shoes, bags and perfumes. Doing so will upgrade the look of your old wardrobe and make it look cleaner and even more functional.

Install LED Lighting

LED lighting is the perfect way to accentuate classy elements in your built-in wardrobe. They can be installed on the interior or on your wardrobe doors to add a touch of sophistication and create a warm, cosy atmosphere. They are also great for people who like to access their wardrobe early in the morning with the lights off.

You can do LED installations yourself or have a professional to get the job done right. Whichever the case, the most important thing is to have them installed in a perfect spot to help highlight the most notable elements of your built-in wardrobe. Also, as LED lights are available in many colours, be sure to pick those that complement your bedroom style.

With all these tips and info, we hope you are now ready to transform your faded, dull-looking built-in wardrobe in Sydney and make it a focal point for your bedroom. If you need any professional assistance, feel free to connect with us at any moment of your transformation process. Our wardrobe design team will assess your needs and help you build your dream wardrobe. To know more, contact Sydney Wardrobe Company.


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