5 reasons why mirrored doors in your walk-in-robe are a must have

wardrobe with mirror doors

A walk-in wardrobe can be a luxurious space. The perfect place to store and organise your clothes, shoes and all those accessories. But clutter can ruin your space in an instant. The solution? Store your belongings cleanly behind beautiful mirrored doors.

Here’s why doors (especially mirror doors) make sense:

1. They’re the perfect concealer

Doors are the perfect way to make your walk-in wardrobe beautiful on the outside, and functional on the inside.

No matter how many times you attempt to declutter, the mess always returns. Install a door (or two) to hide the clutter and keep your room looking clean and serene. Now there’s no more exposing the mess inside.

2. They’re the ideal dust protector

Unless you’re lucky to have a prized collection of Louboutins or Jimmy Choos, is there really a need to show off your shoes? As for those handbags, it makes more sense to store them behind closed doors to keep them dust-free and boost their longevity.

3. They’re an excellent reflector

Completing your walk-in wardrobe door look with a full-length mirror is a clever touch. It not only breaks up the look of a solid door, it’s functional too. Everyone needs a mirror in the bedroom when they’re getting ready to give you a full view of your outfit before you walk out the door.

4. They’ll help you create the look of space

Mirrored doors are perfect for small or compact walk-in-robes because they give the room an illusion of spaciousness. And because the mirror reflects light, it brightens up the space too, which is particularly helpful in a room that has no natural light.

5. They’ll add the luxe factor

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